Children at St John's Church

Children are always welcome at St John’s and are a valued part of our church family.

We have a family service for all ages on the first Sunday of every month.  This service is less formal than usual with songs, readings and a talk suited to children and adults.

From September, on each Sunday other than the first of the month, after the first hymn in church, children will be invited to go into our annexe for Sunday Club with out Sunday Club leaders.

Mothering Sunday

We are flexible as to ages and are happy for children to join a group in Sunday Club that best suits them.  Generally, for younger children (up to age 6 or 7) we offer crafts and games alongside a weekly Bible story.  We pray together and always spend time each week learning about each other. For older children (age 7 to 11 or 12) the focus is more on reading a Bible story together, talking about it and thinking about what it means in our lives.  Talk is always lively and we usually find time for some quizzes and games. 

After Sunday Club, the children rejoin the congregation towards the end of the service.  Children are usually invited to share something of what they have learned in Sunday Club with the whole congregation.

Whilst we do not have regular activities specifically for young children, there are events during the year for all ages, including Christingle (usually a Sunday evening early in January), and the St Albans Easter Monday Pilgrimage, and these will be advertised on our website.

To contact Jo Brooks for more information about Sunday Club click             Email: children or use the form at the bottom of the Who's who and Contacts page.