Annexe hire

Our annexe adjoins the church.  It is ideal for meetings and small parties.  Tables and chairs are available for use.  There is a small kitchen and a toilet.

To make enquiries about or to book the annexe, please email Gus Edwards by clicking Email: annexehire or using the form at the bottom of the Who's who page. 

Here is a recent picture of a practice session of the recorder group in the annexe.

Annexe in use


Annexe Hire

Re-opening – Coronavirus – Covid-19 outbreak

We are pleased to advise that the Annexe at St John’s has now re-opened.

Use of the Annexe is subject to prevailing Government restrictions including the requirements to wear masks at all times, to observe social distancing and other COVID-safety requirements.  We strongly recommend hirers and organisers to click on
the ‘Government Guidelines’ link below and read the sections relevant to their intended use of the Annexe.
Please note that some activities are not (presently) allowed, including celebrations, some sports and fitness activities, and the preparation/serving of food/drink.  Please check with us that your planned event is allowable or if any constraints apply, before making firm plans. Please also read our hirer guidance document for casual hirers and regular users by clicking the ‘St John’s Guidance Document’ link below.  

St John’s PCC reserves the right to cancel bookings if events are not in its view allowable, or to close the Annexe if mandated to do so by government. We may also need to close the Annexe without notice for a limited period if someone contracts Covid-19 at an event in the Annexe, or takes part in an event when they are likely to have been infected. If we need to take either of these actions, we will not be able to pay compensation to users affected, but we will refund fees paid in advance.

If it is not possible to leave the Annexe unused for a 72 hour period between hires, it will be necessary for us to clean the Annexe after every use, which means that it may not be as available as prior to the pandemic. We will do our best to accommodate requests but users may not always be able to resume their regular booking slots if either another user has already booked, or we have not been able to clean the Annexe between users. So please bear with us as we adapt to these new conditions.
Many thanks

Link to Government Guidelines


Link to St John’s Guidance Document


RISK ASSESSMENT – St John’s Church, Lemsford Annexe Re-opening       for hire during Covid-19                                                        




St John’s Church, Lemsford - Annexe




Churchwardens –  Nigel Johnson

                               Jennifer Roden


October 2020


January 2021

Area of focus

Controls required

Additional information

Action by who?

Preparation of the church annexe for hire and cleaning












·         The church will ensure that every Sunday afternoon the annexe and toilet, including all hard surfaces, door handles, light switches, window catches, will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant or anti-bacterial spray.  Hard floors will be washed and carpeted floors vacuumed.

·         Cleaners will not be in a vulnerable group or be self isolating.

·         Cleaners will be provided with suitable cleaning materials and protection.

·         Whenever possible the annexe will not be used for 72 hrs before a hire.  If that is not possible the annexe will be cleaned as above before the next hire.

·         All rubbish bins will be emptied before a hire takes place.

·         A record will be taken of the occasions the Annexe and toilet is cleaned and by whom and put on the annexe notice board.

·         Check electrics system is in working order for lighting and heating.

·         Covid-19 signs will be displayed prominently at the entrance to the Annexe and in the toilet.






Cleaning materials will be kept in the vicar’s vestry.



Gina Butler (GB)/ Wardens








GB or Wardens


GB / Wardens

GB / Wardens




Use of the Annexe by hirers

·         Only the main Annexe door will be used as an entrance to and exit from the Annexe.

·         There will be no access to other areas of the church.

·         The hirers will have their own risk assessment for their activity in place.

·         The hirers will ensure that no one with Covid-19 virus symptoms will attend their function/activity.

·         Security will be the responsibility of the hirers.

·         The hirers will be responsible for making a list of all those who attend their function/activity in the church Annexe, and take each person’s contact telephone number (track & trace).

·         Each hirer will either have their own safeguarding policy in place or agree to adopt the church’s policy (see policy on the church website).

·         Each hirer must read and follow the Covid-19 Annexe re-opening secure guidelines, a link to which is on the church website (see Welcome page, under Annexe hire).









Hirer to make list.

The list and pen should not be touched by more than one person.
















Reducing the possible spread of Covid-19

·         Only the Annexe and toilet are to be used by hirers.  The rest of the church building will be out of bounds.

·         All users of the Annexe must hand sanitise when they enter and when they exit the Annexe.  Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance of the Annexe.

·         All users of the Annexe must wear face coverings whist in the building (a supply of disposable masks will be available for use by attendees).

·         The windows of the Annexe are to be opened by the hirer to aid the circulation of fresh air.  The windows are to be closed by the organiser on leaving the Annexe.

·         Lined bins will be provided near the exit to the Annexe for the disposal of paper items touched during an activity, and used disposable masks.

·         The maximum number of attendees in the Annexe at one time will be 12, and people should sit or stand 2 m apart, unless they reside together in the same household.

·         Groups should consist of no more than 6 people, although it is permissible to have 2 groups of 6 – but groups must not mix or form larger groups.  If there is a significant likelihood of groups mixing and socialising, the activity should not take place in the Annexe.

·         It is for the organiser and not the church to ensure that appropriate social distancing in accordance with Government guidelines is adhered to.




Hirers / attendees


Hirers / attendees















Cleaning the Annexe after known exposure to someone with Covid-19 virus symptoms.

The Annexe will be closed for a minimum of 72 hours with no access permitted, and then it will be deep cleaned before it is used again.

If it is not possible to keep the Annexe closed for 72 hours, the Public Health England guidance on cleaning in non-healthcare settings will be followed.




Wardens to supervise GB